Thursday, November 26, 2009


Do you udnersatnd waht I hvae werittn? Can you rzealie waht am I tnryig to pnoit out?

Wlel, if you do, dno't you tnhik the haumn mnid is slimpy garet?
It is one tnhig rneadig a new lganguae but rneadig and rnecognizig a faamilir lganguae werittn in a clompletey unfaamilir and brizare way is mnid-bnogglig!!!

I aylwas beelievd taht the haumn mind is clapable of annythig. But tihs.. its anmazig!
Slpel the wdors inclorrecty aglthouh kneepig the lsat and the fsirt leettr the smae way and vloia eevn tehn you can raed it plerfecty!

Hnave't you adlreay? :)))))
So Ctongraulnatios, and keep anmazig yuorslef !!

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