Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Its so Simple!

Yes it is..
As a twenty something who believes in the power of humanity, I can only give this advice to anyone who wishes to heed it. 
 Be Simple
 You can be uncomplicated and nice at the same time! Everyone will like (I don't say love because simple people are not passionate, mostly!) you for it. Many people would be nice to you on face and b***h behind your back. But that won't matter to you, 'coz you don't care or rather you do!!
They will do this 'coz they wouldn't be able to be like you. Case of sour grapes actually!!

You can choose to react or respond. Your call.
You can also choose not to.

Its really that Simple................


Nikhilesh said...

Coming from a twenty-something, it is very wise :) But I find it not so simple to be simple. The temptation to complicate somehow crops up in the head.

Prik said...

Yeah,you are right in a sense. But that is the first step in being simple. Simplifying your mind!!