Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thrilled by AXN

Ek se bhale do, Do se bhale teen…

How many times does a book make it to a blockbuster movie? And even if it does how many times does a movie make it to a TV Series? Didn’t they say three is better than two?

Mitch and Abby McDeere 

“The Firm” is one of those stories adapted from a book by John Grisham (who needs no introduction) & then to a movie by the same name starring Tom Cruise (my favorite). If you love the rush of adrenaline by watching thrillers, “The Firm” is coming to your TV sets to fulfill this thriller quota every weekend.

 I am fortunate enough to preview this drama series which premiers today. If you like John Grisham you’ll love this. If you have seen the movie, then the Series picks up exactly where the movie ended. Very few series have had this advantage.

Josh Lucas in "The Firm"

"The Firm" starring Josh Lucas as Mitchell McDeere and Molly Parker as Abby McDeere is a drama series based on murder, mystery & solving cases. Josh Lucas seems to be doing justice to his role as Mitch but comparison with Tom Cruise is inevitable. With his sparkling blue eyes, he convinces you that he is the only lawyer whom you can trust! The episode begins with a thrilling pace taking us ten years back where Mitchell and Abby left us in the movie. They are now trying to pick their life up after spending ten years in a witness protection program but destiny has other plans! All that happens next is worth viewing!

India’s leading English channel AXN is starting this new series “The Firm” which premiers globally today, The Sunday 19th February 2012 at 9 pm.

So if it’s Thrill that you are looking for, then it’s just a remote control away!


rajuda said...

hi priyanka. you write well. i wonder why you don't do it often. even if it is only a post a month, and you deal with books, movies or music, i promise to be back. happy blogging n cheers!

Priyanka said...

Thank you so much Rajuda! :-)