Friday, August 28, 2009


Once there was a Girl, she was Mediocre in every sense of the term!
She wasn't beautiful but neither was she ugly.
She wasn't rich nor was she poor.
She wasn't too happy but neither was she too sad.

She was what we generally call 'Average' (which by the way includes more than 85% of the population of this world). She did not like this kind of existence but could not do anything about it. (Remember,she was Mediocre even in her emotions)

But then she met a Boy who was completely opposite to her.
He was always extreme.
He had the worst temper and He was one of the richest boys.
But he was always extreme in the wrong situations. Being kindest to rude people and harshest to nice ones.
But as every life on this earth takes birth with a purpose; his life also had a one!
which was to make the girl realize that she was indeed blessed.

Coz to be extreme is not good (she was mediocre even in thinking) and she found a new perspective of her life. The view that changes our thinking or is it the other way round?
Anyways, she realized that she had found a new meaning of her life; which..was.. BALANCE.........

Neither right,neither wrong- Diplomatic
Neither happy nor sad- स्थितप्रग्य
Neither rich nor poor- Satisfied

She was like everyone. Everyone else who 'averaged' the balance of this World!!

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bluesoulcurry said...

Nice way of balancing mediocrity and extremes.Good one !