Friday, July 17, 2009

A Random Thought...

Yesterday, I saw a very beautiful sight.
Getting up early (for a change) I sat on the sofa overlooking the window. The sky was filled with birds flying wildly over the horizon. They seemed so happy and so delighted, like a child with a balloon or rather (now-a-days)a child with a video game (X-box) to be precise.
Just the sight of them moving so freely,without a care in the world, pointed a very sad fact.
We as humans, are so engrossed in going after one thing that we forget the basic necessity of our existence.
How much time do we (which includes me too) give just to sit and admire our nature?
To give it back what we have taken and keep on taking.
Is it not courtesy on our part to at least give it, the respect it deserves?
But If wishes were birds, then I would have been flying with them right now and rather wildly too.
Easier said than done...huh?

As the Canadian Cree tribe of Indians say:

"Only when the last tree is cut down,
the last river poisoned, the last fish is caught,
people will see that you cannot eat

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